The Humai Logo

“Human beings are creative and flexible. Computers are fast and accurate. There will come a day when an Austrian company will enhance humans with superpowers, by seamlessly combining the two forces.”

 - TONY STARK, Stark Industries -

Humai Technologies has two Business Areas:

  • xRec

The xRec team is working on object recognition, module detection and identification leveraging Computer Vision technology. We offer mobile Applications that are used mostly in machine maintenance and eCommerce for spare parts. Our xRec technology can also be customized and implemented to meet the individual needs and demands of our partners and clients. 

For xRec we are looking for partners who want to make their parts and objects detectable through us.


  • MagicLens
MagicLens is the name of our Ecosystem that leverages CAD production files for the production of amazing materials for marketing, sales and training. Our mobile Application also allows powerful visualization of contents on Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops. 

For MagicLens we are looking for Partners who offer 3D solutions to their clients and want to outsource the content production process.

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