MagicLens in Action

MagicLens – your Artificial Sales Assistant – is the superpower for Sales and Marketing. Our app is always on your side and can be used on Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop PCs. 

Deliver compelling and groundbreaking presentations to your potential clients and trading partners and kickoff a meeting with an immersive presentation of your product and how it can create a solution for them.  Create visually compelling presentations that forge relationships, accelerate decision-making and shorten your sales cycle.

With the MagicLens application, your sales teams can single-handedly, and with the click of a button, access exploded views, 3D model animations, videos, presentations, data sheets, and pictures.

Enter the world of MagicLens and discover the scope of this immersive presentation platform. Test fly the application and experience how it works.

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